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Özge Bulut Maraşlı

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Executive MBA 
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2001 Executive MBA graduate Özge Bulut Maraşlı sits in the jury panel of the Emmy Awards

Sabancı University Executive MBA 2001 graduate Özge Bulut Maraşlı became the only Turkish CEO to sit in the jury panel of the Emmy Awards this year.

Hürriyet writer Murat Güloğlu discussed the great leap achieved by the Turkish TV series industry, and wrote about Kanal D and Production Companies CEO Özge Bulut Maraşlı, who is the only Turkish CEO on the Emmy jury.

Emphasizing the significance of being a part of the Emmy Awards, Güloğlu continued: 

TV series are becoming a serious export item as well. This leads to further development of our TV stations, production companies and associated industries. Our TV series are aired all over the world. This has the added benefit of showcasing our stunning country, which attracts tourists. There is also the projection of soft power. Amidst all this, we were surprised to learn that a Turkish TV executive would be in the semifinals jury of the Emmy Awards this year. That executive was Kanal D and Production Companies CEO Özge Bulut Maraşlı.

To call this exciting is disservice. This is the culmination of our efforts into the TV industry and TV series in particular. I am talking about a contest that picks the best among productions viewed by hundreds of millions across the world. This isn't just any award. As a member of the Turkish media, I was proud and happy to learn of this. Emmy Awards is the peak of the global TV business. I feel that the Doğan TV Holdings Management and its representative, CEO Özge Bulut Maraşlı deserve a standing ovation for their part in taking Turkish TV beyond standards.

I wish the same success for the executives of other Turkish companies that make a difference in their respective industries. This is a great example of of good things also happen in Turkey!

Source: CNN Türk

We commend our graduate for her achievements and wish her further success in the future.

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