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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

We would like to provide open information about the collection, use, retention and privacy of general and personal information that may be gathered at the "Sabancı University Alumni Portal" website due to common internet activities.

General Use:

Visited sections of the site and clicked areas are automatically collected. This information is used for visitor tracking and hit number counting only. If cookies are enabled, they are also used for determining the number of visitors for statistical purposes, and are not user-specific. The purpose behind this application is to facilitate the access to the most frequently used sections of the website for the visiting user.

Personal Information / General Users:

Users are not prompted for any personal information.

Personal Information / Sabancı University Alumni and Employees

The "Sabancı University Alumni Portal" is a project undertaken to strengthen the ties among SU graduates as well as to facilitate communication between Sabancı alumni and students, faculty and other members of the university, while ensuring the contribution of the SU community to the university and the society. SU alumni and employees may share only the information they have given consent to, to the extent they have allowed, and only amongst themselves. The type of personal information, and the terms and conditions of the consent is explained here.

Personal information submitted by alumni and members of the SU community will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties for any commercial purpose. All personal in-formation, website preferences, and e-mail and other rights obtained as a result of SU alumni or employee status will be kept within the SU database and will not be disclosed.

SU reserves the right to disclose personal information under the following circumstances:

Upon the prior consent of the user to disclose their personal information
Upon the order of courts and other competent authorities for legal or investigative purposes
We hope that you will find and maintain Sabancı University Alumni Portal a creative and critical communication platform that respects your privacy, freedom and laws.

Personal Information Sharing / Sabancı University Alumni and Employees