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Ömer İzmiroğlu

Ömer İzmiroğlu - Brand Practice

Hello to everyone,

I am Ömer İzmiroğlu,graduated from Sabancı University Manegement of Sciences and a graduate student of Brand Practice Program. I participated in many activities and club activities at Sabancı University. I was a part of Graduation Class Committee in 2016,and again I would like to be part of  the last event for our graduation ceremony.

Currently I work at Espresso Perfetto, as a sales and marketing specialist. Since the year I entered Sabancı University, I am aiming to develop areas that I can share with myself academically. 2017 As the MSK, I think that it is important that we have projects in order to make each other more active than the other graduation years of contract and communication, and we will do our work in this sense.

Together with the Sabancı University Student Union co-chairperson, we want to organize a good organization for our active and active participation in the MSK. We will do this not just as the MSK but as all the 2017 Graduates.

I would like to express my thanks to Sabancı University.

Wishing to have a nice 2017 graduation as 2016 ;)

See you