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Success of Our Alumnus Alper Osman Aydemir

The Project led by our Alumnus Alper Osman Aydemir (UG - Mechatronics’06), took place in the international media channels like BBC, Wired, IEEE and national media channels like NTV, TGRT Haber.

The purpose of the project, 3D modeling methods to provide everyone in the world to use easily and for free.

Alper Aydemir and his team created the website (, access to 3D mapping application and 3D modeling methods. You can also upload these models into other websites, such as YouTube, or even the place.

The News of the Project:

About Alper Osman Aydemir:

He graduated from Sabancı University Mechatronics undergraduate program in 2006 and completed his master studies at Stockholm University. He is near to graduate from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Phd program on robotics.

We wish further success to our alumnus.

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