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Meriç Algün Ringborg

Faculty of Arts & Social Sci. 
Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design 
Grad Year: 

Gallery NON presents, the solo exhibition of Meriç Algün Ringborg (BAVACD'07), The Apparent Author (Open:Thursday, 12 September 2013 - Close:Saturday, 02 November 2013)

The exhibition has a distinct reference: The Oxford English Dictionary and its exemplifying sentences, like for the word 'disjointed' exemplified with 'piecing together disjointed fragments of information'. Meriç Algün Ringborg has constructed a new series of works each of which explore the act of making and creating through this particular constraint. It is an exploration into the possibilities of making sense between the lines of the already written, examining also what type of sense that is.

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About Meriç Algün Ringborg:

Meriç Algün Ringborg (b.1983, Istanbul) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She received her BA in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Sabanci University, Istanbul (2007) and her MFA from Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2012). In her work, she employs a variety of media including printed matter, photography, sound and installation; mainly focusing on the themes of nationality, borders, translation, bureaucracy and home. 

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