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Professional MBA Program Information Session

If you have been working in a company for at least 3 years and you have started realizing that most of what you have learned in the university, and what you have been learning on the job cannot help you take the next big jump to a managerial responsibility,

Sabancı Professional MBA would be the right investment for you.The Professional MBA is designed to teach you to manage customers (marketing), production of goods and services (operations), money (finance), people (organizational behavior), direction (strategy) and change (innovation and leadership) in 12 months.
If you are looking for a boost in your career you are invited to the PMBA info session.
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Date and Time: May 30, 2024 Thursday, 19:00-20:00
Host: Dr. Yusuf Soner


Contact Information:
Tel: 0 (216) 568 7190