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Canan Dağdeviren

Faculty of Eng. & Natural Sci. 
Materials Science and Nano Engineering 
Grad Year: 

Material Science and Engineering 2009 graduate Dr. Canan Dagdeviren has just been selected as a Junior Fellow of Harvard by the Society of Fellows at Harvard University.

This 3-year award is intended to promote interdisciplinary research in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Dr. Dagdeviren is the first scientist from Turkey to be selected for this prestigious award, and received the highest number of votes given by Senior Fellows.

The Harvard Society of Fellows, established in 1933 is a group of scholars selected at the beginning of their careers by Harvard University for extraordinary scholarly potential, upon whom distinctive academic and intellectual opportunities are bestowed in order to foster their individual growth and intellectual collaboration. Membership in the society is for life. Among its best-known members have been philosopher W. V. Quine, Jf '36; behaviorist B. F. Skinner, Jf '36; double Nobel laureate John Bardeen, Jf '38; economist Paul Samuelson, Jf '40; historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Jf '43; presidential advisor McGeorge Bundy, Jf '48; historian and philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn, Jf '51; linguist Noam Chomsky, Jf '55; biologist E. O. Wilson, Jf '56; cognitive scientist Marvin Minsky, Jf '57; former dean of the Harvard faculty, economist Henry Rosovsky, Jf '57; philosopher Saul Kripke, Jf '66; Fields Medal-winning theoretical physicist Ed Witten, Jf '81; and writer, critic, and editor Leon Wieseltier, Jf '82.

Please click to watch Canan's TEDx talks:

We congratulate our graduate and wish her further success in the future.

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