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Süheyla Çetin Karayumak

Faculty of Eng. & Natural Sci. 
Computer Science and Engineering 
Grad Year: 

Sabancı University 2011 master's and 2016 PhD in Computer Science and Engineering graduate Süheyla Çetin Karayumak won the IEEE Turkey PhD Dissertation Award.

Süheyla Çetin Karayumak completed her PhD at Sabancı University under the guidance of Gözde Ünal in 2016. She used computer science and machine learning algorithms to develop new mathematical solutions to complex medical imaging problems.

The fast and practical vessel segmentation method Çetin Karayumak developed is being used to map vessel structure from a variety of medical imaging methods. Towards the end of her PhD, Çetin Karayumak became interested in neuroimaging, specifically diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) and brain white matter analysis. Her efforts culminated in a method that enables modeling the asymmetry between white matter fibers, which may be used in diagnosing neurological disorders.

Süheyla Çetin Karayumak joined the Harvard University Medical School's Psychiatric Neuro-imaging Lab as a postdoctoral researcher in November 2016, and continues her work on harmonizing dMRI images obtained from different environments and scanners using machine learning-based techniques.

About the IEEE Turkey PhD Dissertation Award

The IEEE Turkey PhD Dissertation Award is given to outstanding young scientists who have completed their PhDs in a university in Turkey within the last two years in one of the areas of activity of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

We commend our graduate for her achievements and wish her further success in the future.

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