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Burak Günaydın

Faculty of Arts & Social Sci. 
Grad Year: 

Sabancı University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 2013 Economics Master's graduate Burak Günaydın published a book titled “Vazgeçmedim Yol Bitti / I Didn’t Give Up - The Road Did”.

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Vazgeçmedim Yol Bitti

“We are ordinary.  We’re no Raskolnikov or Julien Sorel. We are no Oblomov at all. We are mere mortals, forgotten in a corner. How dare we make darkness a part of us! If someone were to throw us in a well, he’d forget where the well was in three days. Experiencing such desolation does take its toll on the individual. But, Cevat, let’s not fool ourselves just because we’re hurt. They threw us in here, and they left. They won’t be back. We know that much. We’re just making up excuses to dull the pangs of a broken heart when we say this out loud. We can’t rule darkness - neither you, nor me. We’ll go home now. We’ll cry and be miserable for fifteen minutes. Then we’ll go to sleep. Come morning, we’ll leave for work as if nothing happened. That’s who we are. Do you understand?” I didn’t know if I’d been able to console Cevat. But when he bowed his head and succumbed to the puffy white clouds in his eyes, I saw that my words had moved him. I was looking at him, not too intently, wary that I had blurted out everything on an impulse. Of course I hadn’t meant to break his spirit. But Cevat was doing what novelists do when they want to glorify the pains of the characters they created. That’s what his behavior this evening told me.”

We commend our graduate for her achievements and wish him more success in the future. 

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